2024 Masters Championship

Oct 24, 2024 - Oct 27, 2024 | Clearwater, FL, USA

USA Artistic Swimming


Clearwater, Florida


Thursday, October 24th - October 27th, 2024


Masters Rules Updates -- Where to find the rules!  (JUNE 1, 2024)

Several people have been looking for the Masters competition rules.  We direct you to: The Rulebook, pages 53-58. 

Find it here: Resources > Rulebook > Technical Rules > Rule VIII

There is technical routine information is in 

Appendix L. 

Appendix L can be found in Rulebook below numbered items

  1. Page 3 --3.04 and
  2. Page 19 -21-- technical elements

Combo information is in Appendix L, page 23


Masters Updates

A Master's Moment... News of USA Masters Artistic Swimming

Masters Foreign Entry Packet

Hotel Information

This event will be Stay for Play. Attendees MUST book through the provided hotel links. Please review our Stay for Play Policy for more information.

Hotel deadline: TO BE DETERMINED
Hotels provided by: Team Solutions