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Masters Artistic Swimming

    USAAS will follow the same rules being used at the World Aquatics Masters

    No changes to:

    • Routine times remain the same - including time allowances
    • Judging system remains the same - difficulty, artistic impression, execution
    • Elements in technical routines remain the same

    New in 2023!

    • Technical elements in a technical routine may be performed in any order. If a routine is doing an order other than the standard, a coach card will be required. Details on how to create and submit will be published closer to the event.

    Figures 2023

    • Figure groups will remain the same as the 2017-2022 season.


    North Zone

    Dayton Synchronettes

    Dayton, OH

    Laura Gilliland

    East Tennessee Dolphins

    Heiskell, TN

    Sharon Burlingame

    Kansas City Sea Sprites

    Kansas City, MO

    Linda Gilliam

    Michigan Synchro Masters

    Plymouth, MI

    Gail Scherer

    Milwaukee Synchro Sirens

    Brookfield, WI

    Meg Stahl

    Minnesota Northern Pikes

    St. Louis Park, MN

    Bonnie Buxton

    Ohio Coralinas Synchro

    Columbus, OH

    Anna Farmer

    Mad City Aqua Stars

    Madison, WI

    Laura Hamvas

    Rocky Mountain Splash

    Aurora, CO

    SeaStars Chicago

    Chicago, IL

    Cathy Goodwin

    YMCA Orcas

    Johnstown, CO

    Anya Wiens

    South Zone

    Miramir Mermaids

    Miramir, FL

    Grasy Noriega

    Gainesville Gaviatas

    Gainesville, FL

    Crystal Motes

    Lone Star Synchro

    Dallas, TX

    Sarah McKay

    Aquarelles Synchro

    San Antonio, TX

    Gabrielle Zabriskie

    Tampa Bay SynchRays

    Tampa. FL

    Beth Moore

    Aqua Angels Artistic Swimming

    Gainesville, FL

    Crystalie Blake

    Florida Elite Synchro Warriors

    Land O Lakes, FL

    Camille Albrecht

    Houston SynchroStars

    Stafford, TX

    Zhiwen Xiao

    Sarasota Sharks Synchro

    Bradenton, FL

    Erin Bacon

    Suncoast Waterworks

    Largo, FL

    Shea Tombrink

    Tallahassee Serinas

    Tallahassee, FL

    Anna Jowers

    Triangle Aqualinas

    Cary, NC

    Susan Heuser

    Lakeland YMCA Flamingo Synchro Swim Team

    Lakeland, FL

    Lorraine M Valerino

    SwimRVA Rapids Artistic Swimming

    Chesterfield, VA

    Debbie Kelo

    East Zone

    Club Name

    City, State

    Club Contact

    DC Synchromasters

    Alexandria, VA

    Linda Thomson

    Manhattan Plaza Waterworks

    New York, NY

    Midtown Mystiques

    Newport News, VA

    Ariana Parodi-Gibson

    York Synchro

    York, PA

    Kathy Warner

    ANA YMCA Synchro

    Andover, MA

    Leah Mucci

    Attleboro Y Lyonfish Synchronettes

    Attleboro, MA

    Michal Fandel

    East End Synchro Swans

    East Hampton, NY

    MegAnn Preiss

    Imagine Synchro

    New York, NY

    Paola Tirados

    Jersey Manta Rays

    Madison, NJ

    Bryanna Fogel

    Ramapo Aqua Masters

    Suffren, NY

    Petra Inbar

    South Shore Sea Dragons

    Duxbery, MA

    Kerri Moran

    Team New York Aquatic

    New York, NY

    Maine Synchronized Swimming Team

    Portland, ME

    Maria Atkins

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