2024 World Aquatics Championships

Feb 2, 2024 - Feb 9, 2024 | Doha, Qatar

Join us on the journey to USA Artistic Swimming's final opportunity to qualify their team routine for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games for the first time since 2008.

The Pathway to Paris: 2024 World Aquatics Championships

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2024 World Aquatics Championships Roster

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FREE ROUTINE RECAP - February 9th, 2024

USA Artistic Swimming takes Bronze and qualifies for the 2024 Paris Olympics for the first time since 2008.

FREE ROUTINE RECAP - February 7th, 2024

Team USA landed in the top four in the preliminary round finishing with a score of 305.8229.

The Free Team Final will take place on February 9th. After this event, the will have a final understanding of their overall placement which will determine if they have punched their ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.


With two swims under his belt, Gaudet comes out strong in the Men's Solo Free category finishing in 4th place with 159.7918 points receiving no base marks.

Going into the final Gaudet utilized his practice time in-between the preliminary event and final event to increase his difficulty from a declared 26 to 30.4500. The young and determined athlete, once again, swam clean and was succesful in improving his score to 166.6250 in the finals finishing at 5th in the world.

TECHNICAL ROUTINE RECAP - February 6th, 2024

Team USA came out strong in the Team Tech preliminary event landing in the top four with a score of 273.2900. With an Olympic driven mindset, the stars and stripes declared one of the top three highest ranked difficulty scores of the competition but received no base-marks in the preliminary rounds. 

After completing the final rounds, USA landed in 4th place with a score of 266.9333 and no base-marks. In this event the team followed behind Japan taking third place, Spain taking second, and China finished at first with 299.8712 points. 

After aggregating the scores together of the two finalized team scores, USA is sitting at the top of the Olympic Qualification standing. 


The 19-year old Kenny Gaudet hit the stage representing USA on the first day of competition opening with the Men Solo Technical Routine. In the preliminary rounds, Gaudet was base marked for one element, finishing with a score of 180.8534, securing a spot in the finals taking place three days later.  

After adjusting his routine, Gaudet returned with a clean swim and ended with an incredible improvement of his score of 215.433 taking 7th place in the Men’s Solo Technical Routine. 


USA has completed their first Team Event in Doha leading with a remarkable score of 242.2300 and a bronze medal following Ukraine with a score of 243.3167 and China finishing in first with 244.1767 points. 

Although finishing on the podium, the stars and stripes faced a behind-the-scenes challenge before the team stepped on stage. The 18-year-old Calista Liu competed in the preliminary event leading the team to the finals. With the original plan of replacing Liu with Natalia Vega for the finals, coaches had to re-evaluate when they received news Liu was required to swim in the finals at the last minute to remain eligible for competition. 

Vega said, “I was super excited to swim in the acro final, but the quick switch Calista and I had to make in order to remain eligible is just another example of how every single member of this team is willing to give their all for the best interests of the team and our desire to represent USA on the largest stage this summer. Team first, always. We’re just getting started!” 

With the help and support of her coaches and teammates, Liu walked onto the stage feeling optimistic. “My teammates and coaches immediately knew what to do in this situation which gave me calm energy to swim the routine confidently.” 

Looking back at the scenario, coach Fuentes admires her young team for the way they handled the last-minute switch. “They rose to the occasion and each one of them clicked into warrior mode. They swam the most difficult routine in history with full credit. This team will have all my respects until the day I die. My heroes.” 

The competition will continue on in Doha and Olympic qualification will be rewarded to the five highest ranking teams after aggregating free team, technical team and acrobatic team scores. 

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USAAS National Team Event Schedule

Friday, February 2nd at 1 A.M. (PST) // Men Solo Technical Preliminary 

Saturday, February 3rd at 9 A.M. (PST) // Team Acrobatic Preliminary 

Sunday, February 4th at 3 A.M. (PST) // Team Acrobatic FINAL 

at 10:30 P.M (PST) // Team Technical Preliminary  

Monday, February 5th at 9 A.M. (PST) // Men’s Solo Technical FINAL 

at 10:30 P.M. (PST) // Men’s Solo Free Preliminary  

Tuesday, February 6th at 3 A.M. (PST) // Team Technical FINAL 

Wednesday, February 7th at 9 A.M. (PST) // Men’s Solo Free FINAL 

at 10:30 P.M. (PST) // Team Free Preliminary 

Thursday, February 8th: NO EVENTS 

Friday, February 9th at 3 A.M. (PST) // Team Free FINAL 

Team: The final team qualification allotments for Paris 2024 will be awarded to the five highest ranking teams after aggregating free team, technical team and acrobatic team scores at the 2024 World Aquatics Championships. The other five teams competing in Paris have been decided through continental competitions. Doha will be Team USA’s last chance at team qualification for the 2024 Olympics.

Duet: Team USA qualified a duet to the Paris Olympic Games by securing a silver medal at the 2023 Pan American Games.

Other Categories: Artistic swimming competition at World Aquatics Championships features competition across eleven categories including female and male solo, duet, mixed duet and team in technical, free and acrobatic divisions. Each category is separate and countries can compete in any combination of events. Duet and team are the only categories included in the Olympic program.

All preliminary events will be streamed on World Aquatics Channel on Recast. All final events will be broadcasted on Peacock or NBC Sports Network in the United States. For more information on how you can access livestream specific to your location, please visit the World Aquatics Championship Website.

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