USAAS Launches New DEI Training In Partnership With Guardian Quest

by Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming

In the next step forward to advance diversity, equity and inclusion within the organization, USA Artistic Swimming has launched a new training available to all members of the community in partnership with Guardian Quest. The DEI mission was most intentionally launched three years ago with creation of the Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion board position and USAAS has been focused on developing policies, procedures and programs to enhance DEI within the community. The organization has also hosted education sessions and trainings with partners at Guardian Quest at events like the annual convention and for members of the board. Today, the organization takes a huge step forward in the commitment to DEI by launching an official USA Artistic Swimming DEI Training and Certification. The training is open to all members of USA Artistic Swimming and beyond. USAAS invites all members of artistic swimming to take part in the program, but also extends the invitation to everyone that is a part of the broader sports community.
The training was created to empower members of our community to be bold and start important conversations. The goal after participating in the training is for individuals to gain a new understanding of what DEI means in the hopes that it will lead to productive dialogue and community impact. The overarching goal is to make artistic swimming, and sport as a whole, a more inclusive space.
With our friends at Guardian Quest, we have been thoughtfully crafting a training that will make an impact. We want people to feel more comfortable having DEI conversations. USA Artistic Swimming is a place where we recognize and accept individual differences, while welcoming all backgrounds and treating everyone with respect. This training is another example that 'We Move As One' is far more than a slogan - it is who we are as an organization,” Adam Andrasko, Chief Executive Officer of USAAS, said.

To take the 'Why DEI' training, please visit the link HERE.