USAAS Renews Vango Mirrors Partnership

by Kennedy Shriver

USA Artistic Swimming is pleased to announce a partnership renewal with Vango Mirrors, a next level and highly functioning asset to help prepare our athletes ensure their appearance is gold.

Vango Mirrors has set themselves apart from others on the market with their functionality. An ordinary mirror could only be utilized sitting at a table in front of you or being held, ultimately hindering your mobility. Vango Mirrors can be worn on your neck, used on the thigh, able to sit flat on surfaces, hang on door knobs or in the shower, on suitcases, or window blinds for an easy hands-free experience.

This unique take on the everyday mirror is the perfect match for USA Artistic Swimming. “Vango is a great product for our athletes, and we are very pleased to continue our partnership. Their commitment to USA Artistic Swimming is special and we look forward to continued growth together.” - Adam Andrasko, CEO, USAAS

“Continuing our partnership with USAAS is a highlight for our business and a wonderful way to further the mission of our product. As a hands-free mirror company, we understand the importance of precision, reflection, and innovation in both our products and in the world of artistic swimming. Our ongoing commitment to supporting this remarkable team exemplifies our dedication to serving the athletic community. We look forward to another successful year of partnership and wish the team continued success in their endeavors.” - Dominique Megesi, Founder of Vango Mirrors