2024 Youth Championship & 12U Invitational Concludes in Houston, Texas

by USA Artistic Swimming, Kennedy Shriver

The 2024 Youth Championship & 12U Invitational came to an end on Sunday afternoon in the lone star state after four days of action-packed competition.

Yara Lambru, from the Santa Clara Aquamaids, was named the Youth High Point Athlete of the year, as the up-and-coming athlete placed within the top five rankings of every event participated in finishing Figures in 4th place, Youth Solo in 3rd, Youth Duet in 2nd, Youth Team 2nd place, and Youth Combination finishing in 5th place.

With Lambru’s significant contribution to the overall scores, the Santa Clara Aquamaids earned the High Point Team of the year award over the 29 clubs enrolled. Due to the Aquamaid’s outstanding performance, Anna Yesipova was named Coach of the Year at the 2024 Youth Championship.

On the 12U side, Alex Zhang from Blue Legends Artistic Swimming was named the High Point Athlete of the Year with an outstanding performance in multiple routines. The youthful and wildly talented athlete placed 1st in the Male Solo, Male Duet, and Mixed Duet categories, 3rd in 12U Team, and was runner-up in 12U Combination. Zhang’s Blue Legend teammates and coaches were also recognized as High Point Team of the year due to their remarkable finishes in multiple different events this weekend.

USA Artistic swimming will host their next championship in Gresham, Oregon for the 2024 Junior Olympics beginning on June 27th

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