USAAS Launches New Partnership with Vango Mirror

by Alyssa Jacobs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - USA Artistic Swimming has announced a new partnership with Vango Mirror that we know will be very exciting for our members and mutually beneficial for both organizations. This is the latest partnership in a series of additions to USAAS that will help strengthen the organization. 

Vango Mirror prides themselves on being the most functional mirror on the market. No table necessary, the mirrors can be worn on the neck and used on the thigh and Vango will sit on flat surfaces, hang from knobs, work in the shower, position on suitcases, hook from window blinds and many more creative places. As a compact mirror, they will be beneficial for competition travel as well as everyday use. 

The mirrors will be largely beneficial for a sport like artistic swimming where performance makeup may need to be applied at any time, anywhere. This partnership fits in strongly with the portfolio of partners USAAS has acquired who create products that enhance the artistic swimmer’s leisure and competitive life. 

Vango Mirror provides a solution to an issue that every one of our athletes have. It is a very well-designed and relevant product for our sport. The company’s commitment to our sport goes beyond the product. They are committed to making artistic swimming better and together we will do exactly that,” CEO Adam Andrasko said of the partnership. 


Creator Dominique Megesi sees an effortless alignment between the organization and her company: “This partnership is a dream come true for a product like ours. Vango, or vanity-on-the-go, is named in the spirit of artistry which is a great complement to the creativity, dedication and strength of the sport of artistic swimming. We are thrilled to be able to fulfill our mission to make beauty more convenient which aligns perfectly with the performative aspects of artistic swimming.”

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