World's Artistic Swimming Athletes with Disabilities Host Live Workout Session

by USA Artistic Swimming

The World’s Artistic Swimming Athletes with Disabilities is hosting a live workout session for any athlete around the world on July 18, 2020. This virtual event is a collaborative global effort to engage athletes with disabilities (AWD) in Artistic Swimming to lead exercise sessions for other AWD artistic swimmers and to develop a network so that AWDs can share exercises unique to them. It is also open to anyone wishing to learn different forms of simple stretching and flexibility exercises which will benefit those beginning their season for Artistic Swimming. The workout will be livestreamed on YouTube by Inside Synchro. 

“Recently the USAAS Board of Directors demonstrated the organizations clear commitment to inclusivity,” Says USA Artistic Swimming CEO, Adam Andrasko. “Inclusion of athletes with disabilities is a strong part of that initiative. Artistic Swim AWD has taken some great steps in partnering with the USOPC to help us all improve our services in this area. This is a service we need to offer as a national organization and local organization.” 

There will be about 10 athletes conducting 1 exercise each for stretching and flexibility. The USA Athlete from Bay Area Synchro will demonstrate leg raises with ankle weights while sitting in a chair for those who have mobility issues or need to use a wheelchair for their exercises. This exercise is great for lower leg muscles and to relieve spasticity. This will help provide much more flexibility in the lower leg muscles over time. Athletes with MS, Cerebral Palsy and other brain injury as well as athletes with intellectual disabilities who usually have muscle development issues can greatly benefit from this type of exercise. I am not sure what the other athletes will offer. Coach Camila from Inspara Brasil will be moderating this virtual exercise. She can be reached at: 

US Paralympics Find A Club Listing:  Artistic Swim AWD has been formally added to the US Paralympic website under 'Find A Club' for athletes wishing to participate with Artistic Swimming. This is especially important to our organization, Artistic Swim AWD because we have been extending our outreach globally to athletes with disabilities to transition to artistic swimming, even though it is not yet a Paralympic sport. To be listed with clubs who train Paralympic Athletes is an honor for us to include our population with disabilities and help grow the sport of Artistic Swimming.

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