Stanford Dominates, Captures Program's Ninth National Championship

by Alyssa Jacobs


STANFORD, Calif. -
 The 2021 Collegiate Championship wrapped up yesterday in a dramatic and special fashion. Stanford University entered day two with the lead by ten points over Ohio State followed by University of Incarnate Word and widened this gap in the final day of competition. They finished the competition the undisputed champions, having captured the A Figure, trio, duet, solo and team titles. Stanford ended the weekend with a definitive victory, having amassed 102 points ahead of Ohio State’s 86 and Incarnate Word’s 75. 

As anticipated, the solo category saw three incredible routines grace the pool at the Avery Aquatic Center. Seniors Jacklyn Luu, Laila Huric and Natalia Vega closed out their collegiate artistic swimming careers and left it all in the pool for their solo performances. With emotional routines, Luu swam to to Beyonce’s “Listen”, Huric to “The Show Must Go On” by Queen and Natalia Vega to a multi-cultural rendition of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Just .3 separated the three elite athletes from each other and all were awarded the High Point Athlete Award for their performances throughout the weekend. Luu was also awarded the Athlete of the Year distinction. 

All three programs showcased creative themes in the team category. Stanford performed to a medley of 80’s tunes. Ohio State kept their team routines from the 2019-20 season but added elements with increased difficulty, carrying on the motto of “Break the Stigma – Be the Change.” The Scarlet squad swam to a composition of music and voiceovers highlighting mental health. The Gray team’s routine aimed to raise awareness about climate change. The Cardinals from UIW crafted a Greek-themed cinematic masterpiece for their third-place team routine and drew inspiration from football for their second squad.  

IthendthStanforsynchronizeswimminteacapturethprogramninth national championship and the first since 2016. Head coach Megan Abarca was emotional following the program’s hard-fought win. Abarca was awarded the Collegiate Coach of the Year Award after leading her team through a year of mass adversity. With the team fueled by a desire to prove to Stanford Athletics why they belong as a varsity program, the moment they were announced as champions was especially bittersweet. In the end, they left everything in the pool and proved why Stanford synchro deserves to be saved. 


Collegiate A Figures 

  1. Jacklyn Luu (SUS) - 78.9928

  2. Laila Huric (OSU) - 78.4784

  3. Emma Tchakmakjian (SUS) - 78.4519

  4. Caitlin Klauer (SUS) - 78.0385

  5. Alexandra Suarez (SUS) - 78.0072

  6. Hailee Heinrich (SUS) - 77.2428

  7. Natalia Vega (UIW) - 76.3245

  8. Rachel Jager (OSU) - 76.2115

  9. Audrey Nguyen (SUS) - 76.1394

  10. Paige Hopper (OSU) - 76.1082

Collegiate B Figures 

  1. Nour Shamala (UIW) - 74.2313

  2. Trinity Patton (OSU) - 71.4933

  3. Olivia Malloy (OSU) - 71.1701

  4. Gwenivere Ronnau (UIW) - 70.7653

  5. Claire Ermer (UIW) - 70.3061

  6. Hannah Ray (UIW) - 70.1361

  7. Victoria Carlson (OSU) - 69.1599

  8. Erandi Aguirre (UIW) - 68.9388

  9. Carol Walsh (OSU) - 68.7687

  10. Ava Lichter (OSU) - 68.3538

    Trio (Top 3)

  1. Hailee Heinrich, Audrey Nguyen, Caitlin Klauer (SUS) - 80.6000

  2. Grace Alwan, Ava Jih-Schiff, Alexandra Suarez (SUS) - 78.4000

  3. Camryn Carrasco, Rose Homoelle, Rachel Jager (OSU) - 78.3000

Duet (Top 3)

  1. Emmanuella Tchakmakjian, Jacklyn Luu (SUS) - 82.3000

  2. Caitlyn Klauer, Hailee Heinrich (SUS) - 81.3000

  3. Laila Huric, Paige Hopper (OSU) - 81.2000

    Solo (Top 3)

  1. Jacklyn Luu (SUS) - 81.0000

  2. Laila Huric (OSU) - 80.8000

  3. Natalia Vega (UIW) - 80.7000


  1. Stanford University (Grace Alwan, Hailee Heinrich, Ava Jih-Schiff, Jacklyn Luu, Audrey Nguyen, Alexandra Suarez, Emmanuella Tchakmakjian (R) Emily Brieant) - 83.6000

  2.  The Ohio State University (Camryn Carrasco, Rose Homoelle, Paige Hopper, Laila Huric, Rachel Jager, Cassie Neeley, Renee Stehlik, Haley Watson, (R) Olivia Schafer, (R) Olivia Malloy) - 81.000

  3. University of Incarnate Word (Erandi Aguirre, Juliana Damico, Greta Hampson, Natalie Lagrone, Hannah Ray, Nour Shamala, Natalia Vega, Yvette Pinter, (R) Adora Kruger) - 79.4000

  4. The Ohio State University (Ava Lichter, Paula Luis, Olivia Malloy, Reverie Nedde, Olivia Schafer, Daria Torba, Sarah Walsh, Megan Wong, (R) Trinity Patton, (R) Carol Walsh) - 78.8000

  5. University of Incarnate Word (Rafaella Catharino, Claire Ermer, Nia Kostadinova, Mireia Martin-Mora, Lindsay Papper, Sofia Puchniak, Gwenivere Ronnau, (R) Leah Sterling, (R) Yvette Pinter)

Participants and institutions can buy photos from the event from Liz Corman HERE


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