Duet Tops FINA World Series Standings and Team Represents USA Exceptionally Well

by Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – The results are in, and the senior national team’s stellar performances in Barcelona have secured the squad even more accolades. The final rankings from the FINA Artistic Swimming World Series were announced, and the team will be awarded impactful prize money for their performances. The United States, across all disciplines, finished with the most top-four finishes and collected the most prize money of any country.Our senior team was unable to participate in two of the four stops this year (Russia and Hungary) due to travel restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

After participating in the USA and Canada Virtual World Series as well as the Barcelona Super Final in free solo and tech solo, Anita Alvarez, Nikki Dzurko and Ruby Remati helped the USA finished second in the solo category behind Canada. Alvarez and Dzurko performed their free and tech solos, respectively, at all three stops (USA, Canada, Barcelona)while Remati graced the solo category at just one stop (Canada). Alvarez most notably notched a career-high free solo score at the Super Final earlier this month and narrowed the gap between herself and Canada’s Jaqueline Simmoneau. 

The hard work in the duet category shined as well, with the USA coming out on top in the category thanks largely to the exceptional performances of Tokyo 2020 Olympians Alvarez and Lindi Schroeder with assistance from Remati, Megumi Field and Anya MelsonThe junior age athletes performed the same tech duet as their older counterparts at the Canada stop. Schroeder and Alvarez finished with four gold medals in their four performances at the USA and Canada World Series events this year, proving that participation pays off. They also had beautiful showings at the Olympic Qualification Tournament with help from Remati who stepped in for Anita during the final day of competition. The tech duet finished in fourth place at the Super Final, missing out on a medal by just about .3, and their free duet finished fifth

In the end, the United States finished fourth in World Series standings for team after entering the Robot routine in two stops and both their tech and free programs in the Olympic Qualification Tournament. The final standings have USA with 195 points behind Belarus (215), Spain (265) and Hungary (273). The prize money will be dispersed amongst the athletes and provide some monetary reimbursement for their physical, financial and emotional investments to train as members of the national team over the past tumultuous year plus. 


1. Canada (300)
2. USA (240)
3. Liechtenstein (120)
4. Bulgaria (82)

1. USA (235)
2. Canada (215)
3. Belarus (160)
4. Japan (160)

1. Russia (400)
2. Spain (330)

1. Hungary (273)
2. Spain (265)
3. Belarus (215)
4. USA (195)

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