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USA Dominates Another Stop on the Road to Olympic Qualification

by Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The USA senior national team competed over the weekend at the FINA Canada Artistic Swimming World Series in a virtual format. The pre-recorded routines aired live on Saturday and Sunday and featured a diverse lineup of competitors. The production saw more countries participate than the previous leg as more people adapt to the temporary normal of virtual formats and the USA senior national team collected impressive finishes. More importantly, the scores represent continued improvement that will help provide confidence heading into the Olympic qualification tournament. Top-three placements are reflected below and for full results from the competition, visit the event page HERE


Ruby Remati competed in the solo division for the first time this year in the tech division. She showcased her exquisite technical ability to the tune of “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse to take silver in the category. Her 82.0855 was just .1474 behind Japan’s Asaka Hosokawa. Nikki Dzurko swam the same solo she competed at the USA World Series earlier this year, performing to “Imagine” and earning a score of 80.3392. Anita Alvarez, a seasoned vet in the solo category, once again performed her emotional solo routine to Jessie J’s “R.O.S.E. Confessional”. Her performance in this competition secured her a silver medal in the category. 


1. Asaka Hosokawa (Japan) - 82.2329
2. Ruby Remati (USA) - 82.0855
3. Lara Meching (LIE) - 80.8731

1. Jacqueline Simoneau (CAN) - 90.7000
2. Anita Alvarez (USA) - 87.0667

3. Asaka Hosokawa (JPN) - 84.7333


Anita Alvarez and Lindi Schroder finished their last stop before the qualification tournament with a bang, taking gold in both the free and tech categories which saw the largest participation numbers of any discipline in the competition. Their routines were the same from the USA leg of the World Series, but with notable improvements.Their tech routine marked a score improvement of just over 1.2 points and their free routine by 1.4.Dual-team athletes Megumi Field and Anya Melson performed the same choreography as their older counterparts in the tech category and received a 77.0309. 

1. Anita Alvarez, Lindi Schroeder (USA) - 84.6649
2. Uta Kobayashi, Ami Wada (JPN) - 83.5193
3. Marlene Bojer, Michelle Zimmer (GER) - 80.7454

1. Anita Alvarez / Lindi Schroeder (USA) - 86.3333
2. Gema Arquero Ortiz / Gabriela Fernandez Ceppi (ESP) - 84.5000
3. Marlene Bojer / Michelle Zimmer (GER) - 82.5667

This was the first competition that our USA representatives unveiled their new opening sequence and stunning lifts in the Robot routine. The changes were well-received, earning them a gold medal in the category and a score of 89.0667. This score is an improvement of 1.5 from the previous virtual World Series the squad competed in. 

1. UNITED STATES – 89.0667
2. SPAIN – 86.5000
3. BELARUS – 83.1000

The team departed for Spain on Sunday and will participate in a training camp in Sabadell for the first part of their stay. They will then travel to Barcelona to compete in the FINA Artistic Swimming Super Final and Olympic qualification tournament. To keep up with the team’s final preparation for the tournament, follow @usaartisticswimming and @artswimUSA on Instagram. 

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