2021 National Championships Conclude in Arizona

by Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming


After an exciting week in Arizona hosting the US 13-15 Championship & 12U Invitational and US National and Junior Championships, we are reflecting on incredible moments and performances. 
USA Artistic Swimming traveled to Mesa, Ariz. for the first youth championship in almost two years. Clubs from across the country have been working hard to prepare routines amidst uncertainty to showcase their skills at these national events for months and the performances were a reflection of that tenacity. It was a community effort, and the Arizona Artistic Swimming Association was an integral part of the events' successMoodMatcher was the official sponsor of the solo and duet categories, gifting a USAAS lipstick kit to first place winners and Blenders Eyewear provided swag to the team and male solo champions. 

The US Nationals High Point Team Award went to Scottsdale Synchro by a margin of 13 points and Maya Schwickert was awarded High Point Individual distinctionThe Aquanuts from Walnut Creek were crowned US Junior Championship High Point Team champions after sweeping all categories. Senior Yara Elian, who was crowned the tech solo, free solo, tech duet and free duet champion, was named the High Point Individual winner, closing out her career on a high note. 

Additionally, a new 13-15 national team was selected after a tryout process that showcased some of our country’s finest youth athletes. This national team will attend the FINA Youth Worlds Championship to be hosted later this year and will feature a mixed duet. For the first time in 13-15 national team history, a male athlete was selected to represent the stars and stripes. The athletes who were selected for the team include Ayla Barry (Santa Clara Aquamaids), Kennah Burdette(Arizona Desert Dolphins), Michael Chan (Freedom Valley YMCA Synchro), Janneke Dirven(Santa Clara Aquamaids), Elizabeth Fullen(Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators), Audrey Kwon (Seattle Synchro)Emileen Moore (Walnut Creek Aquanuts), Danielle Ovadia (Walnut Creek Aquanuts), Elle Santana (Arizona Desert Dolphins), Aubrey Shen (New Canaan YMCA), Amy Wang (Seattle Synchro), Karen Xue (Walnut Creek Aquanuts).

Figures: Ayla Barry (Santa Clara Aquamaids)
Solo Free: Emileen Moore (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Duet Free: Emileen Moore & Danielle Ovadia (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Mixed Duet: Vivian Wu & Michael Chan (Freedom Valley YMCA Synchro)
Team: Mako Begossi, Ava Chu, Chloe DavitianiEmileen Moore, Ayla O’Neil, Danielle Ovadia, Morgan Woelfel, Karen Xue (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Combo: Ghizal Akbar, Mako Begossi, Ava Chu, Chloe DavitianiEmileen Moore, Ayla O’Neil, Danielle Ovadia, Morgan Woelfel, Karen Xue (Walnut Creek Aquanuts

Figures: Abigail Gallon (La Mirada Aquabelles)
Solo: Mona Schwickert (Scottsdale Synchro)
Duet: Hevin Park & Abigail Gallon (La Mirada Aquabelles)
Mixed Duet: Mona Schwickert & Mikolas Schwickert (Scottsdale Synchro)
Team: Ella Hom, Scarlett Krulj, Juliet Moore, Elizabeth Smerechuk, Ashlee Talvola, Kaylee Wang, Emily Yuan, Dhruvi Vasant (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)

Solo Free: Yara Elian (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Solo Tech: Yara Elian (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Duet Free: Miko Begossi & Yara Elian (Walnut Creek Aquanuts
Duet Tech: Miko Begossi & Yara Elian (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Team Free:Miko Begossi, Heather Ding, Yara Elian, Marlena King, Olivia Li, Joanna Liu, Alexis McCracken, Mari Yamamoto (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Team Tech: Miko Begossi, Heather Ding, Yara Elian, Marlena King, Ryan Lewis, Olivia Li, Joanna Liu, Gigi Zuniga (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)
Junior/Senior Combo: Miko Begossi, Heather Ding, Yara Elian, Marlena King, Ryan Lewis, Olivia Li, Joanna Liu, Ariana Stanton, Mari Yamamoto, Gigi Zuniga (Walnut Creek Aquanuts)

Solo Free: Megan Tappe (New Canaan Y Aquianas)
Male Solo Free:Kenneth Gaudet (Lakeland YMCA Flamingo Synchro)
Solo Tech: Emma Kim (Austin Angelfish)
Male Solo Tech: Kenneth Gaudet (Lakeland YMCA Flamingo Synchro)
Duet Free: Natalie Franson & Maya Schwickert (Scottsdale Synchro)
Duet Tech: Maya Schwickert & Una Tatar-Timberg (Scottsdale Synchro)
Team Free: Amanda Carlson, Sophie Kunzel, Irene Lee, Vanessa Liu, Niki Szekely, Riona Tsen, Krista Wong, Leticia Macias (Meraquas of Irvine)
Team Tech: Natalie Franson, Maya Schwickert, Elianna Silguero, Una Tatar-Timberg, Radia Wong (Scottsdale Synchro)

It was incredible to be able to see our members again and our athletes back at the pool at the championships hosted in Mesa the past few weeks. We are fortunate to have great volunteer and staff support to make these events a success. We as an organization are proud to have been able to provide championship experiences in a safe environment for our membership for the first time in almost two years,Baylee Robinson, USA Artistic Swimming Events Director, said. 

Our events and operations are made possible by the participation of our clubs across the country, our foundation and our partners. If you would like to donate to the 100 Days to Glory campaign to support the USA Artistic Swimming Foundation and secure a bright future for our sport click HERE

If you missed the vendors at the event or would like to purchase products from any of our sponsors that provided support at our events please visit the following links: MoodMatcher (code: SWIM), Blenders Eyewear (code: ARTSWIM), Vango Mirror, Team IP and TURBO

Photos from the event can be purchased from our official event photographer, James Rokop, here

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