2022 World Championships Confirmed and National Teams Schedules Released

by Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - The senior national team has an exciting slate of events scheduled this season. With a squad that brings a mix of veteran maturity, leadership and experience as well as fresh perspectives, movement and energy, it is guaranteed to be a riveting season.

The competition season will kick off with the FINA Virtual World Series hosted by USA and Canada. The event is sure to draw participation from across the world and serve as a more accessible means of competition to nations still struggling with COVID-19. This will be the second year USA and Canada host a World Series virtually, joining forces this year to create an even better product. The event will air March 19th-20th with filming for participants happening in early February.

Next, the senior team will travel to Columbus, Ohio for the U.S. Collegiate Championship on March 26th to practice performing in front of a live crowd. The performance will serve as a nice homecoming for a few of the athletes who joined the national team after competing collegiately as well as a reunion between former national team teammates. From Ohio, the team will travel to Paris, France to compete at the 2022 French Open. This event served as a turning point for the program in 2020 when the program earned an 89.2333, the best score for USA in recent memory, and catapulted the Robot routine to international notoriety. The event will take place from April 1-3 and will surely be a highlight on the schedule.

2022 World Championships will cap the season, after a miraculous postponement, location change and reschedule. After reports of complications with the location of the championship given the current state of COVID-19, FINA recently retracted the 2023 postponement announced last week, instead electing to move the event to Budapest in June of 2022 to give aquatic athletes a high-level meet to compete in this year. The team looks forward to being able to compete on the international stage and showcase continued improvement and ingenuity from USA.

The junior and 13-15 national teams will also have world-class events to look forward to. The junior team, which will be made up of junior-aged senior team members as well as fresh additions from trials, will compete at the FINA Junior World Championships in Canada. The 13-15 team that will be made up of the top athletes from the trials process happening now will represent USA at the FINA Youth World Championships hosted on US soil in Charlotte in August.

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