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Ella Sharon

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Westborough, MA

I like to do calligraphy and lettering....I love animals, especially cats (I have two named Maggie and Gingi.)...I am bilingual and speak Hebrew....I volunteer at the animal shelter....My ultimate goal is to go to the Olympics....Artistic Swimming Role Model: Anita Alvarez
  • 2019: U.S. Nationals - 2nd (Free Team), 5th (Duet Free)
  • 2019: U.S. Junior Nationals - 4th (Team), 5th (Combo), 8th (Duet)
  • 2019: Synchro America Open - 1st (Jr. Tech Team), 6th (Senior Free Team), 3rd (Senior Combo)
  • 2019: Junior Olympic Championship - 2nd (Junior Solo)
  • 2018: U.S. Junior Nationals - 3rd (Team), 3rd (Combo), 4th (Duet)
  • 2018: Synchro America Open - 3rd (Jr. Duet)

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