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Leane Capdeville

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    Lycée St Felix, Nantes

    I started synchro in 2010...I have one big sister who used to practice synchro too and a little brother...If not synchro, then artistic gymnastics...After synchro I'd like to study psychiatry...I'm French and American. I swam for the French National Team for three years
    • 2018 European Championships (with the French National Team): Team Tech - 6th
    • 2017 Comen Cup, Portugal (with the French National Team): Solo - 3rd (Comen), 5th (world); Figures - 17th (world); Team - 4th (Comen), 7th (world); Combo - 4th (Comen), 6th (world)
    • 2017 French National Championships: Figures - 1st; Team - 2nd; Solo - 2nd; Duo - 2nd
    • 2016 Comen Cup, Israel (with the French National Team): Team - 3rd (Comen), 6th (world); Combo -5th (Comen), 7th (world)
    • 2016 French National Championships: Figures - 4th; Team - 3rd; Combo - 2nd

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