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Samantha Chu

    Athlete Bio




    Milpitas, CA


    Rancho Middle School

    Home Club: Akula Artistic Swimming
    Personal: Didn’t know how to swim before artistic swimming and was terrified of the deep end... She loves listening to music... She tried six sports before artistic swimming
    Career Highlights:

    • 2023 Youth World Artistic Swimming Championships: 3rd (Team), 4th (Combination)
    • 2023 U.S. Youth National Championship: 3rd (Figures), 3rd (Solo)
    • 2022 U.S. Junior Olympic Championship: 1st (Figures), 1st (Solo), 1st (Duet), 1st (Team)
    • 2022 U.S. Youth Championship & 12U Invitational: 1st (Figures), 3rd (Solo), 2nd (Duet), 1st (Team), High Point Team
    • 2021 U.S. Junior Olympic Championship: 3rd (Figures), 1st (Team), 3rd (Duet)

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