USA Club Athletes Demonstrate Success in International Competition

by Alyssa Jacobs, USA Artistic Swimming

Artistic swimming athletes representing several clubs across the United States competed at the PanAm Artistic Swimming Championships and the Masters World Aquatics Championships this month.  
For the PanAm event, athletes earned invitations to represent USA at domestic championships throughout the season. Clubs that competed in Fort Lauderdale include the La Mirada Aquabelles, Scottsdale Synchro, Pirouettes of Texas, Houston Synchrostars, Blue Legend Artistic Swimming, San Francisco Merionettes, Heartland Synchro, Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators, Florida Elite Synchro Warriors and the Nevada Desert Mermaids. Thanks to particularly stellar finishes in the 12U division, USA placed first in federation rankings in the 12U age group and third overall. 
AWD athletes from the Miramar Mermaids also competed in the Athletes with Disabilities Invitational held jointly with the PanAm Championship in Florida 
Notable Placements:  
Isabella Chen – 1st 12U Solo, 2nd 12U Figures 
Siyu Wu – 5th 12U Figures 
Jasper Shen – 1st 12U Male Solo 
Blue Legend Artistic Swimming (Fu & Wu) - 1st 12U Duet 
Blue Legend Artistic Swimming (Jiang & Wang) - 1st 12U Mixed Duet 
Blue Legend Artistic Swimming – 1st 12U Team 
Xavier Wang – 1st Youth Male Solo 
Chris Leahy – 1st Senior Male Solo Free 
Maya Schwickert – 2nd Senior Solo Free 
Heartland Synchro/CSG (Leahy & Farmer) - 1st Senior Mixed Duet Free 
The Masters World Championships were unfortunately cut short in Japan because of a typhoon. However, USA athletes still managed to secure several medals before the incliment weather hit. Athletes represented six clubs: Unsyncables of La Mirada, MAC Synchro, Redwood Empire, California Synchro Masters, Nevada Desert Mermaids and the Santa Clara Aquamaids. 
Notable Placements: 
1st Place 40-49 Tech Duet: Velden & Velden (Santa Clara Aquamaids) 
3rd Place 50-59 Tech Solo: Clahan (Redwood Empire) 
3rd Place 50-64 Tech Team: Unsyncables of La Mirada 
3rd Place 60-69 Tech Solo: Woods (Unsyncables of La Mirada) 
2nd Place 60-69 Tech Duet: Clahan & Schroeder (Redwood Empire) 
1st Place 70-79 Tech Solo: Weiman (Redwood Empire)  
2nd Place 70-79 Tech Solo: Schroeder (Redwood Empire)