The Incredible Ginny Jasontek Honored with the Max Ritter Award

by Kennedy Shriver, USA Artistic Swimming

The Max Ritter Award is recognized as one of the greatest awards in US Aquatic Sports (USAS). The Max Ritter award is named after an athlete who swam in the 1908 & 1912 Olympic games while he formed and founded FINA in those short four years in between. Years later Ritter declared the rules for aquatic sports and relocated to the US to later become FINA president. 

In 1978 United States aquatics sports was formed, but President Ritter had recently passed away. Since 1976 a prestigious award has been created in his honor to recognize those individuals who have made contributions on an international basis towards the advancement, development, and good will of aquatic sports. 

During the Pan American Games our very own Ginny Jasontek was named the 2023 Max Ritter Award Recipient. Often nominations come from different countries, but when an American is nominated; the bar is raised. There must be an agreement between USA Artistic Swimming, USA Diving, USA Masters Swimming, USA Swimming and USA Water Polo on this nominee, and Jasontek was the clear-cut answer. 

We are so fortunate to have the leadership, passion and dedication that Ginny brings to our sport. We hope you will join USA Artistic Swimming as we congratulate Jasontek for this great and well-deserved honor.