USAAS Concludes 2020 Year-End Virtual Meet

by Alyssa Jacobs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.- The Year-End Virtual Competition aired on Saturday, November 22nd and included 395  participants from 33 clubs competing in 25 categories. Athletes from all over the country submitted videos of their routines and were judged by a panel of experts. Judges were tasked with evaluating 209 routines in total. This virtual event allowed for athletes to get feedback and grow as artistic swimmers despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic that caused a drastic reduction in competition opportunities.


Baylee Robinson, Events and Membership Director, described the event as challenging but fulfilling: "Putting together a virtual competition of this kind had unique challenges and was a completely new experience for us. With the support of our staff and insight from judges and scoring we were able to pull it off and we couldn’t be more proud of the participants. Seeing our athletes perform in the water again made it all worth it and we look forward to continuing to pivot and remain flexible to serve our members.”





12U Solo

1. Ghizal Akbar (Walnut Creek)

2. Mona Schwickert (Scottsdale Synchro)

3. Alivia Oliver (Garden Synchro)


12U Duet

1. Sophie Schroeder & Mona Schwickert  (Scottsdale Synchro)
2. Ariana Aponte & Giuliana Medina  (Florida Elite Synchro Warriors)
3. Emily Kalna & Juliana Zigliara  (YMCA Synchro Stars)


12U Mixed Duet

1. Mikolas Schwickert & Mona Schwickert (Scottsdale Synchro) 
2. Maxine Li & Xavier Wang (Houston Synchrostars)
3. Hailey Endres & David Liu (Houston Synchrostars)


12U Team

1. Abby Huang, Lucia Onandia, Sophie Schroeder, Mona Schwickert, Emma Nakagawa (Scottsdale Synchro)
2. Nishi Amin, Alexandra Kirianov, Noelle Lee, Kaya Mangani, Abigail Zarayski, Sofia Benayoud (Optima Synchro)
4. Ines Calonge, Lucia Calonge, Ava Gu, Lalenie Ranatunga, Adriana Vallejo Villalonga, Emma Wykrent, Ashley Xu (Austin Anglefish)

12U Team Lift

1. Maisy Fleming, Emma Gilbert, Rachel Kluge, Morgan Martin, Kalie Takacs, Shayla Walker, Claudia Welgoss (Town of Tonawanda Aquettes)

13-15 Solo

1. Dalia Ovadia (Walnut Creek)
2. Emileen “Emma” Moore (Walnut Creek)
3. Jennah Hafsi (Florida Elite Synchro Warriors)

13-15 Duet

1. Emileen “Emma” Moore & Dalia Ovadia (Walnut Creek)
2. Chloe Davitiani & Karen Xue (Walnut Creek)
3. Ava Chu & Carmen Kawakami (Walnut Creek)

13-15 Mixed Duet

1. Michael Chan & Victoria Fan (Freedom Valley YMCA Synchro)

13-15 Team

1. Mako Begossi, Chloe Davitani, Carmen Kawakami, Emileen “Emma” Moore, Dalia Ovadia, Valeria Polyakova, Karen Xue, Morgan Woelfel (Walnut Creek) 
2. Ella Clancy, Kristen Dobrikov, Emma Kaczmarek, Emma Nakagawa, Sophie Schroeder, Mona Schwickert, Victoria Volfson, Emily Pallari (Scottsdale Synchro) 
3. Qimiao Gong, Emily Huo, Emma Huo, Sarah Levaro, Angela Pierce, Katelin Echols (Houston Synchrostars) 

13-15 Duet Lift

1. Rio Freitas & Elena Tavernise (Charlottesville Swans)
2. Jennah Hafsi & Havyn Hradec (Florida Elite Synchro Warriors)
3. Irelyn Hearn & Berkeley Chabers (Charlottesville Swans)

13-15 Team Lift

1. Kendall Gaume, Brinlee Freco, Delaney O’Brocta, Madison Peters, Sophie Poeller, Madison Raby, Sophie Cane (Town of Tonawanda Aquettes)
2. Jennah Hafsi, Eva Lebas, Giuliana Medina, Amelie Nardin, Lilian Weber, Melanie Bermudez (Florida Elite Synchro Warriors)

Jr Sr Solo

1. Maya Schwickert (Scottsdale Synchro)
2. Elisa Brunel (Austin Anglefish)
3. Julia Paradis (Optima Synchro)

Jr Sr Duet

1. Elisa Brunel & Emma Kim (Austin Anglefish)
2. Maya Schwickert & Una Tatar-Timberg (Scottsdale Synchro)
3. Gloria Chen & Rebekah Chiu (Houston Synchrostars)

Jr Sr Team

1. Miko Begossi, Heather Ding, Yara Elian, Joanna Liu, Alexis McCracken, Atira O’Neil, Ariana Stanton, Miya Yamamoto (Walnut Creek)
2. Rachel Bels, Alessandra Delligatii, Zoe Eleftheriadis, Juliana Hermogeno, Maren Lee, Sofia Sabino, Meena Wen, Yuhan Yue (Walnut Creek)
3. Madi Almond, Madelyn Ehrhardt, Catherine Fullen, Ana Gerhardt, Ella Hollander, Maria Nath, Katie Price, Allison Burns (Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators)

Jr Sr Duet Lift

1. Amelie Nardin & Kathleen Wieckowski (Flordia Elite Synchro Warriors)
2. Maggie Connolly & Courtney Elhart (Charlottesville Swans)
3. Rachael Elhart & Ella Campell (Charlottesville Swans)

Jr Sr Team Lift

1. Miko Begossi, Heather Ding, Yara Elian, Marlena King, Ryan Lewis, Olivia Li, Alexis MCracken, Giodanna Zuniga (Walnut Creek)
2. Bianca Hofstatter, Megan Kerner, Gillian O’Neal, Reece Revell, Taylor Sullivan, Jessica Wathen, Maria Yamamoto, Campbell McMillan (Walnut Creek)
3. Xavia Banigan, Noelle Lee, Polina Malinovskaya, Kaitlin McDonald, Julia Paradis, Riya Patel, Natalie Taylor (Optima Synchro)

20-34 Solo

1. Camille Albrecht (Team Florida)
2. Stephanie DeSousa (Cypress Swim Club)
3. Leslie Palma Perez (Cypress Swim Club)

20-34 Duet

1. Camille Albrecht & Darcee Jean Redding (Team Florida)
2. Stephanie Desousa & Leslie Perez Palma (Cypress Swim Club) 

35-49 Solo

1. Liz Macdonald (Cypress Swim Club)

35-49 Duet

1. Lucy Weston & Angela Camero (Unsyncables of La Mirada) 

35-49 Mixed Duet

1. Alica Gawronski & Reese Gawronski (Orlando Loreleis Artistic Swimming)

35-49 Team

1. Lorena Ball, Jenny Herrington, Mary Redaelli, Karen Rosolowski, Lucy Weston, Mary Woods (Unsyncables of La Mirada)

50 & Over Solo

1. Lee Cassidy (Unsyncables of La Mirada)

50 & Over Duet

1. Mary Woods & Jenny Herrington (Unsyncables of La Mirada)
2. Lorri Geiger & Aimee Shea (California Synchro Masters)
3. Ellen Abbene & Vickie Beckwith (Unsyncables of La Mirada)

50 & Over Team

1. Angela Camero, Susan Mandel, Lilia Preston, Sylvia Subramaniam, Ellen Abbene (Unsyncables of La Mirada)
2. Lorri Geiger, Peggy Giles, Elena Hoexter, Dawn Jungemann, Aimee Shea, Mika Soya-Kelly, Robin Kramer (California Synchro Masters)
3. Jill Clarke, Kathy Gaither, Dee Anna Mount, Lee Cassidy (Unsyncables of La Mirada)

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